Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gabriel Klasmer

Do you not want to keep looking at these graphite drawings on paper. The black - white - gray. Geometric circles.

Klasmer currently is gracing our presence with his latest series of paintings at Stephen Wirtz Gallery. They are equally engaging.

Here's a bit of a bio for you art nerds.

"On winning the Clore scholarship, Gabriel came to London to study MA and later completed a PhD research degree both at the Royal College of Art in London. His research focused on the examination of the history and status of the monochrome painting, and his ongoing creation of a series of mechanical apparatuses that replace the human hand as a means of making work. This concern with formal questions has extended into a number of exhibitions: for example his show at the Givon Gallery in 2001 featured a monochromatic painting that anticipated the arrival of a viewer in the space by tipping itself 90 degrees from the vertical to the horizontal, acting as a reminder that reading of abstract painting often rely on the angle of view.

In his latest works, from 2007, Klasmer extends his engagement in abstraction to figuration by painting what maybe the most intriguing form of representation: the human face. Similar to his abstract ‘sequence’ work, these paintings rely on very similar processes, procedures and “machines”, however, unlike the abstract painting, these painting represent and introduce the emotional complexity of recognition. "

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