Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jonathan Marshall: Doubled Vision

Exhibition Dates: January 15 - March 6, 2010

Address: 3913 Main Street, Houston TX 77002

Artist Reception: January 15th (6-8pm)

From the press release....
The search for truth in our universe is futile, but the act of seeking is of the utmost importance. A continuation of the premises presented in The Book of Lenny, Doubled Vision is set in a post-catastrophe landscape. We follow Lenny and Johan Pilgrim, two everyman-survivors on a quest to find meaning. Using various approaches to image-making, including painting, drawing, video and sculpture, Marshall reflects on ideas of survival, landscape and vision quests to create his own folk-mythology and D-I-Y hero's journey. Marshall uses exploration as a metaphor for the practice of both art-making and the art of living: not just a means to an end, but valid, in and of itself. Marshall urges us to embark on this search as both rationalists and dreamers, for it is through journeys of body and mind that reality comes to know itself.

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