Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Everything is Beautiful

Artist: Liz Miller
Gallery: Project One
Exhibition Dates: December 2, 2009 through January 10 2010

from the press release
By recontextualizing and playfully subverting cliches and archetypes, Liz Miller’s multimedia work explores the means through which to inspire, stimulate and entertain the mainstream. She deals with subject matter which is recognizable and easy to like to create an intense dialogue between content and context. Themes such as commodity, celebrity, food and even pets produce a humorous dialogue about consumption, excess and paradox. Her captivating, thought provoking images and objects are produced with sincerity but not lacking in irony. She will be exhibiting photographic pieces from the series “Clarity” as well as a video and sculptural installation at Project One.

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red dirt said...

This Exhibition is a Two Person Exhibition with Rene Garcia Jr., an amazing artist in hi own right.