Thursday, November 13, 2008


by Rsconnett on Flickr

24" x 24" (61 cm x 61 cm) Acrylic on Canvas, Completed Oct. 2008

"This is third in a series which includes MICROBIA #1 (BLUE) ... and MICROBIA #2, (RED)

This painting is a good example of my fascination with tiny primitive sea forms. (Real and imaginary)

With each painting I get a little closer to feeling satisfied with my work. After many experiments, and many derivatively influenced works, (influenced by the artists I admire) I have come to two (2) distinct styles that most dominate my paintings.

This painting is the type "A" painting I "escape" into. Thus, I suppose it is "escapist art", at least for me it is. I find the subjects challenging mostly in technical ways. The color, the placement of forms, the illusion of depth and transparency. These challenges keep my mind engaged during the process. There are a few references to things "unrelaxing", such as the machine fetuses in the spheres, and the food chain scenarios. However, the subject matter of the piece is purposely not provocative.

My other painting style, (I'll call it type "B") acts as a catharsis for my feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, etc. Usually these paintings concern the state of the world, and more particularly the state of my world. The cruelty, ignorance, foolishness and evil that obsesses and plagues me. Also, my dread of death and growing anxiety over life's briefness.

When I'm not escaping into my personal dream world, I'm thinking of the huge evil that shrouds our existence. War, crime, hunger, hate, violence and death. These things should not be ignored, but more than not, they are. Who's responsibility is it, if not an artists, to portray these in the unique venue available to him?

At this point in the evolution of my painting, I wonder what road I will take. Will my escapist fascinations take over? If so, will I always feel that I have betrayed my true perceptiveness, to feel safe with my "pretty pictures"? Or will my more substantive style take over, allowing me to express important feelings and ideas, yet salving me not?

Must I have only one focus for my work? I will try to allow my work to find it's own level."

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