Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marcin Łukasiewicz

Marcin Łukasiewicz, Oczyszczenie, 2008, olej, płótno, 135x115 cm

Artist: Marcin Lukasiewicz
Exhibition Title: Medicine
Gallery: Leto
Exhibition Dates: November 15 - December 9, 2008
Opening Reception: November 14, 7.00-9.00, P.M.
Address: ul. Hoza 9c, Warsaw

"The eruption of themes, drastic motives, the easiness in treating form and composition prove that the artist works beyond aesthetic and customary limitations. Lukasiewicz often shows human figures in rather unusual poses: huddled as if in fear of something (and coming from something), tied with 'ropes of their instilled knowledge'. The painter fashions their bodies according to the subconsciously established canon. He 'abuses' the protagonists of his paintings, deforms sadistically their bodies, giving them a new identity, though not always in agreement with our categories of memory and perception."

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