Saturday, October 04, 2008

Resurrection: The Dead Space Show

Opening Reception: October 4th, 6pm – late
Exhibition Dates: October 4th 2008 through October 31st
NB: Art, music, refreshments will be provided
Address: 1800 Campbell St, W Oakland, CA

LoBot Gallery is proud to resurrect a group of past Oakland art galleries to once again produce art shows for the land of the living. LoBot has repurposed it’s large main gallery into over 7 galleries to include over 50 participating artists in the DEAD show. Part art fair, part group show; each space is individually curated by the participating galleries. While this show serves to present a broad survey of bay area artists, it is also intended to raise awareness of Oaklands recent history of gallery start-ups and DIY art spaces. While there will be an exceptional amount of art present, there will also be an opportunity for interested viewers to expand there understanding of why individuals create these art spaces, and also why such spaces close their doors.

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