Saturday, October 04, 2008

Deedee Cheriel

I found Deedee on Saigon Market.

I like what she's doing with humanity, nature, and sexuality. Her ideas and concepts match those behind the exhibit I'm curating at Adaptive Path this November. Here's her site.

"Deedee tries to capture the human condition in her work: the desire for love and the spiritual connectedness of humans to nature. She believes that our path away from nature leads to self-destruction. She's compelled to paint about love and human interconnectedness as a remedy to the over-saturation of violence in our culture.

Her inspiration comes from sexual imagery as depicted for centuries in Indian temple imagery. When she was informed by her Indian heritage, the erotic images of animals in her work served as a metaphor for basic human emotions. The playful cast of characters: birds, wolves, bears and deer originate from the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up."

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