Friday, October 31, 2008

Alex Lucas at Iceberger

In Defense of Home, In Defense of Industry

Artist: Alex Lukas
Gallery: Iceberger Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday November 1st: 7 - 9 pm*
Exhibition Dates: November 1st - 29th
Address: 3150 18th St. #109 (18th & Treat)

Alex is one of the first artists that caught my attention when I moved to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to this exhibit.

"Alex Lukas' prophetic drawings explore the role that visions of disaster have played in the contemporary American imagination. Reflecting an era in which there is an increasing lack of distinction between reality and entertainment, when exploding buildings and breaking levies are viewed on television with frightening familiarity, Lukas' depictions of our world in the wake of some uncertain catastrophe are at once known and foreign. The media, Hollywood, and our contemporary climate's language of fear increasingly inundates and influences our collective consciousness; Lukas' depictions of a future certain are very much mirrors of today. In Defense of Home, In Defense of Industry is Lukas' first solo exhibition."

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