Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Studio Visit with Adam5100

This spring I first saw Adam's work at Stussy SF. The opening reception packed people in the store and out past the sidewalk. Since then Adam's been crazy busy with a recent exhibit at Rowan Morrison and a show opening this Saturday at White Walls. After talking about NPR podcasts on topics like the civil war to shows like "This American Life," we got chatting about his artistic background.

Adam has made stencils, since forever. Talking about his graffiti on streets and sidewalks, he put an emphasis on being respectful with placement. Saying it's just not cool to tag Planned Parenthood, they offer decent services for the community and you never know when you or a friend are going to be there next.

During my visit, he pulled out one of many boxes filled with stencils, thick from coats of paint. Here are some I picked out.

His talent and interest in stencils led him to take this interest more seriously by going to art school. CCA deepened his understanding of his capabilities as a painter and a multi-media artist. In his recent exhibits, you see a greater depth in the work and an expansion on content variety.

Currently, more people in the bay area are starting to ask him for murals. He painted on on the side of Rowan Morrison for his opening and they are planning to leave it up. A country club has him working on one as well as a location in the north bay. So, busy is what he's been from the earlier part of this year till now, creating new bodies of work for each exhibit and more.

(photograph c/o Marci and Deth)

Check out Adam's site here.
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