Thursday, July 17, 2008

Erik Otto at Shooting Gallery

Artist: Erik Otto
Gallery: Shooting Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 19, 2008 from 7-11 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: July 19- August
Address: 839 Larkin Street (at Geary)

This exhibit has more impact than in the past, as he refreshes your contextual placement of familiar images and inserts more abstractions. He's building boats from of recycled wood and they'll be emerging from the wall. I already saw a piece I want!


One of the few consistent things in life is change. Nothing is for certain and everything that surrounds us is always changing; from friends moving away, family members passing on, new generations coming into maturity, or major events that shifts our global perspective.

I used to think when something terrible happened, it was just that, terrible. These days, I look at change as something neither good nor bad, rather something necessary for eventual growth. Often times when something is removed, we appreciate its value. On the contrary when something is added, we begin to look at ourselves in a new light. Through the most unpredictable and sometimes overwhelming changes, we question the importance of our most basic ideologies. It is during this time of uncertainty where our worst fears battle our greatest discoveries in a game of survival.

The Sea of Change is the sequel to my previous show, which was representative of the calm and almost eerie feeling that coincidentally occurs before a major life-changing event. The intent of this show is to capture the moment succeeding. Through the artwork and installation featuring video projection, my goal is to invariably depict the critical point between struggle and resolution.

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