Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kunsole at Swiss Nex Friday

I missed Deric Carner's band Kunsole during the Mission Creek Music Festival but their playing tomorrow night and I highly recommend anyone interested coming out for this evening of entertainment. They're opening at the Swissnex for the Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable performance.

And so the website says...
"the opening part of the evening will be quietly infiltrated by San Francisco avant-pop sound + image + performance vehicle Kunsole, driven by Roddy Schrock and Deric Carner. A multimedia missive sent from a slightly different universe - and a fine way to let friendly ghosts creep into the machines early on.

Stefan Mueller Arisona and Steve Gibson’s take on Warhol’s circus makes full use of digital technology and the free-flowing, associative thinking of the techno age. Armed with multiple projectors, a barrage of laptop computers and additional data-churning devices, the pair have already performed in Zurich, Victoria, Chicago, Vancouver and Shanghai: they now take on swissnex San Francisco."

You got to RSVP (but no $ needed) to get in because there's delicious catering involved.

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