Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"FasTrack" opens at the LoBot

Exhibit: FasTrack
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 2, 2008 from 7pm-1am
Address: 1800 Campbell Street, W Oakland, CA

Saturday LoBot opens a killer group exhibit curated by Daniel Healy and Mary Anne Kluth. The two curators were invited back to the arts collective, after the success of their first exhibit in the space last year. Their line up of artists includes John Casey, Martha Sue Harris, Alexis Amann, Mark Edwards and many others.

The emphasis of the show has to do with the location. These two have “been working a lot this year, Daniel bringing the Oakland scene to the show and Mary Anne the San Francisco side." They said, "It’s kinda about that, bridging the two locations, not so much about any particular demographic. More importantly bringing all these people together and showing the diversity of the bay area artists.“

There are 25+ artists in the exhibit, who have created something entirely new for with this show in mind. It includs several large sculpture and installation pieces with the idea to change the environment of the LoBot. They want people to be overstimulated when they walk in and hope for a more visceral impact than last year.

There aren't any designated collaborative pieces in the show. But when I think about how all these artists are creating works specifically for the exhibit, it becomes a huge collaboration in of itself. With art works like...Mark Edwards' video piece, Liz Maher's 7 feet tall fabric & plastic trees, John Casey's life size human sculptures, and Colette Campbell Jones' photo enivornments, it's all new work shown to the public for the first time together.

For these two curators it's important to respect the history of the location and make an impact on the community. Which I think they've done already by getting these artists together.

“It really is just about the experience of the LoBot” Daniel

*Not all art work shown here will be in THIS exhibit.

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Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I linked to this entry in a review of the "FasTrak" opening at ShootTheProjectionist.blogspot.com