Monday, March 24, 2008

SFAI = Impresario

Great art by students and alumni of SFAI. You can find more on their online gallery.

Holly Coley

Matthew Trygve Tung

Nancy Tobin

Paul Hendrik

Catherine Czacki

Chad Moore

Chris Ballantyne

Colter Jacobsen

Denise Laws

Elizabeth Barnum

Linda M. Ford / Pam Martin

Paul Wackers

1 comment:

nancy said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for selecting and posting an image of my work on your blog. It was such a pleasant surprise to come across it when I Googled my name. If you are interested, you can see more of my work at Also, I am looking for showing opportunities in the Bay Area and beyond and would be most grateful for any connections or recommendations.

Thanks again,
Nancy Tobin