Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Colors of the Muni Fast Pass

Artist: John Kuzich
What: muni fast pass combinations

I was excited to find this article on SFgate.com about John's project. He has been collecting fast passes for the three years and anticipates obtaining 6000 - 8000 when he is done.

Favorite part from the article:
"But Fast Passes didn't initially lure Kuzich with their deeper meaning. Instead, he was enchanted by their color schemes that change month after month and their embedded holographic strips that shimmer in the light. It was later that he realized the common bond they represent, a commodity he describes as "truly San Francentric."

He is still in need of more passes.
If you have some you can send them here:

John Kuzich
660 4th Street #271
San Francisco,
CA 94107

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