Monday, January 28, 2008

Whitney Biennial

In my attempt to become more savvy on the Whitney Biennial, I came to the site, Apart from establishing a new respect for the capabilities of Flash, I had a fun time clicking on images from the different artists and seeing them go.

Aaron Clinger's "The Man Project."

There's a little edge to the's story, causing me to linger on the site longer.

Uncontrol Zhou

"Miltos Manetas felt that by ignoring their own domain name, the Museum was subconsciously commissioning to him personally to do something and spoil their fun. Large institutions such as the Whitney, don't care much about what is happening on the Internet. They consider computers and networks as just another media, a little more complex from the videos and dvd which they learned to appreciate recently. 'Computer is the best invention after the bicycle”, a European Museum director said once to Manetas. Like a bicycle it can do a lot of transport in a cheap and clean way. But it's nothing really different'."link

Amy Franceshini

These are just stills go to the wesbsite to get the movement. It's where it's at.

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