Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Patrick Dintino

Artist: Patrick Dintino
Gallery: Andrea Schwartz Gallery
Address: 525 2nd Street
Exhibit Dates: January 30, 2008- February 29, 2008

Patrick describes his "'Spectrum' paintings as abstract color bands derived from specific real world imagry painted in oil on canvas with a brush."link

Glacier, oil on canvas, 2006, 12" x 72"

I tend to look at a piece of artwork and then read its title and/or description. With Patrick's paintings, I like this process a lot. It is interesting to view the abstract image, which has some internal order that I am not aware of, and then by reading its title I get a clue as to what the creator's intention is.

California Condor, oil on canvas, 2007, 24" x 24"

After reading the title I don't abandon my first interpretation of the work, but rather gain another one or add an extension onto my first one.

Bald Eagle, oil on canvas, 2007, 24" x 72"

It took some time for me to appreciate his Spectrum paintings. Once I did, I saw them more as music. They have this ability to be constantly moving or cause my eyes to be constantly moving over them. For me, this is in part due to the intensity of the colors and the blurred lines where the colors fade into each other.

Florida Panther, oil on canvas, 2007, 48" x 96"

From a blurb on his bio page:
"Yet the complex play between aesthetic and metaphor is crucial to Dintino’s work. He explores a fresh understanding of how we make meaning through ordering our experiences."Colin Stewart

Grand Illusion, oil on canvas, 2006, 48" x 60"

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