Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sirens @ SomArts Gallery

Artist: Oliver di Cicco
Show Title: Sirens: Kinetic Sound Sculptures

"works by musician/sculptor Oliver di Cicco, large scale, site-specific pieces which incorporate sounds, rhythms and movement in multi-media sculptures. The main sculpture, measuring more than 20 feet in length, will resemble a ship’s hull or whalebone skeleton, with the sounds emanating diagonally to create a meditative ambiance."

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cally said...

Thanks for your comment re. my white posts. so glad someone else gets tingly about white architecture. I love it so much. My friends think I'm weird for painting expensive things white (tv, steroe, computer) but I love the house to be like a gallery where only the art and textiles stand out, not the electrical stuff.

you have some wonderful work here, youre and others, i'm off for a super quick look before logging out.