Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Recap on Recent Events

Kevin Earl Taylor

The artist I enjoyed talking with the most at the Gun Show Saturday night. While in his studio space, he shared with me how he feels humans often forget they too are animals, therefore having animal-like natures and tendencies. His recent work is on display at Gallery A.D. in San Jose through November 30, 2007.

Daniel Grant

He has been sharing this section of photographs with people for a year now. The one I chose for this post in particular struck me, when he explained that it came from a studio class with a model. It amazed me how much the Holga camera altered the sense of place in which the image exists. And I love it!

Mike and Maaike
Pecha Kucha presenters

It is exciting to me when life partners are also creative partners! This husband and wife take architecture, the liberal arts, athletics, home life, etc and find great ways to enjoy those parts of life more bountifully.

Terry Baker
Pecha Kucha presenter

He shared interesting layouts of the development of cities in Arizona. Their objectives are sustainability, physical construction in relation to the part of earth they are established on, and suitability for expected population. Being one who never works with urban development, those mentioned characteristics could very well be standard but the city shown in his slid looked nothing like any American city I've visited.

More to come later!

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