Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lincoln Schatz @ Catherine Clark Gallery

Lincoln Schatz: Cube
Catherine Clark Gallery
150 Mina St, Ground Floor
October 27, 2007- November 24, 2007

His work falls into categories of: installation art, social & psychological awareness, and technology. Viewing his work appeals to many intelligences.

"Since 2000, Lincoln Schatz has focused on the experience of place and the meanings produced by the collisions of nonlinear sections of time.

Through his custom software, Schatz selectively records and displays video images culled from specific environments to create generative portraits.

Most recently Schatz has created video works that collect, store and display more than eight years of video memory. From its start date, each piece collects video from its environment daily, amassing thin slices of video/time. On-screen those slices overlap and juxtapose with images from current time. Like the human mind, past and present events wash over one another resulting in new possibilities and impossibilities."

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