Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Belive Their Definition Because...

Above: Lucretia

Serena Cole
Group Show: Mirabile Visu, at MM Galleries through November 26, 2007

The exhibit is based in memories from youth, carried as dreams, and causing distorted expectations for life. Cole's paintings of women, inspired from fashion magazines and pop culture, questions the Western standards of beauty. Her women are eerily attractive, in a familiar-to-your-association-with clothing and make-up advertisements. Throughout, Cole displays her ability to manipulate watercolor, pen, and at times gold leaf for an ephemeral experience with beauty.Having just finished her BFA in painting at CCA, she is pursuing future exhibits in San Francisco and beyond.

The overall gallery space is surprisingly peaceful and airy. All white interior, second floor location, tall ceilings, friendly gallery staff, and plenty of viewing space to accommodate many visitors.

Other notable artist in show: Michele Muennig

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