Sunday, October 28, 2007

Electric Innovations

N. Sean Glover
M1 Gallery
Long Time Collective Plus One Exhibit
Oct.26- Nov. 9 2007

Playful drawings that make creatures out of boom boxes. His positive/negative images, created with simple black and white ink, make the drawings more about the balance of space and abstract shapes. He stands out in this exhibit, due to the use of 2D and sculptural mediums. A pile of boom boxes with cords collected in a trail, just as in the drawings, reminds me of balloons with their strings all gathered together, keeping them in a group and safe from floating off.
Glovers sculpture also incorporates light by reproducing formations created by stars in the night sky. The materials he uses are old kitchen pots and pans with holes punctured through where the projected light comes out. This is among his latest work for 2006-2007.

You can check out a YouTube video of his work for more visual understanding. If you are in Ireland you can check out the group show he is part of titled, "City of Ideas" in Galway this November.

The incorporation of technology as art is something his wife, Elizabeth, also in the LTC show, does. You can view her work here!

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