Friday, February 11, 2011

Romancing the Stone

Artist: Emily Prince (Personal Site)
Gallery: Jack Hanley (NYC)
Opening Reception: Friday, February 11th 6-9pm
including---Live Performance: Words & (minus Randy) does Nilsson sings Newman
Exhibition Dates: February 11th - March 5th

Remember when Emily Prince showed at Eleanor Harwood in San Francisco and then all of sudden she was featured in the Whitney Biennial? There's this thing with San Francisco artists, where they either make it or keep making things. Emily Prince might be one who is making it, even though she showed with Jack Hanley in San Francisco and still is but now in NYC. Either way, I like that she's creating something visually different than before. While her tribute to the american servicemen was unique and socially valuable, it's refreshing to see her moving on. I wish I could be in NYC to check this out.

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