Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Artist: David Mark Grant and Chadwhick Heath Moore
Gallery: Ever Gold
Exhibition Dates: March 4 - March 25, 2010
Opening Reception Photos here.

"Grant’s paintings and drawings suggest abstract apocalyptic environments. These often appear as menacing rainbow islands, usually inhabited by chimerical heaps of patterned fragments. His acrylic and gouache paintings are painted on box panels, paper and book covers and are inspired by the critical discourse around energy, environment, consumption, and geopolitics. His work ranges from small panels covered in opaque, hard-edged patterns to larger pieces showing fantastical landscapes and oozing mountains of debris. Grant is currently enrolled in the SFAI Masters program and works at the famous Vesuvio CafĂ©.

Moore’s work comments on the environmental consequences of the plastic era. This becomes evident in his large-scale installations and sculptures, which often remind of giant deep-sea creatures. He uses scavenged materials such as plastic bottles, bubble wrap and neon lights to assemble grotesque organisms, frequently suspended in space by wiry tentacles. The sculptures are complemented by medium sized and large drawings and paintings. These are reminiscent of rippling surfaces on oily puddles and impenetrable walls made up of countless tendrils, created through a compulsive adding and subtracting of bold marks and delicate lines. Moore holds a Masters degree from SFAI. "
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