Friday, March 05, 2010


Artist: Andrea Heimer
Gallery: Rare Device
Opening Reception:
Exhibition Dates: March 2 – 28, 2010

'Recently, Andrea and her husband wrote a song for their band called “Fight!” and at once she became hooked on the concept—mulling it around and finally deciding to interpret it in her own way. Fighting is a wildly dynamic event that takes all forms: play fighting, life and death fighting, staged fighting, sports, making up after fighting, fighting between people, animals, even objects. In most cases, no matter the situation or who’s involved, the result is the same—someone wins and someone loses. When a fight is over a decision has essentially been reached, the parties involved know where they stand and a certain order is understood as a result. But before order is achieved the fight must occur. “Capturing that moment of action fascinates me, “ says Heimer. “Two halves of the same equation struggling against one another for a necessary result, one that will be a surprise to both because no matter what, no fight is a sure thing.” In a twist of fate, Heimer was injured in a riding accident while preparing for this exhibition of her work. The accident left her right hand temporarily out of commission in an unwieldy cast. As a right handed artist it was quite a blow. “The resulting struggle fits in well with the theme of the show,” says Heimer, “Me fighting ferociously with my left hand as I attempted to paint a few last pieces. I won’t tell you who won, but I am happy to report I’ve created several left-handed paintings. With any luck they’ll be the last! “'
via Rare Device

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