Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Exhibit: Shanghai
Museum: Asian Art Museum
Exhibition Dates: February 12 through September 5, 2010 ( i think it ends then might be longer)
*Check their calendar for special events, there will be many.

The New York Times' write up on Shanghai, the new exhibit at the Asian Art Museum, intrigued me to check it out; so I got Jillian to come along. We were one day early for the exhibitions public opening, being that we didn't pay attention to the show dates listed online. Since we were there, we bought our tickets and made a plan. Our plan worked out with a surprising twist and we entered the tinted glass doors to Shanghai.

Our favorite part was the piece on the floor in the main room to the left of the ticketing desk. It's comprised of flat stones on the ground as a patio area. Peaking out from the stones are plastic green leaf sprouts, in pairs. The pairs of sprouts have synchronized movement going towards and away from each other. Their movements are solar powered with little baby solar panels at their base. The room has a sky light so it's perfect. When you see it you'll smile because of its element of fantasy. The stones, gray in color, organic, raw and scratchy next to the shiny, neon green, plastic, artificially moving (well that could be questionable) leaf sprouts, take the viewer to a place where anything can happen. That's smile worthy.

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