Thursday, February 04, 2010


Artists: Maya Hayuk & Lowell Darling
Gallery: Gallery 16
Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 2010
Exhibition Dates: February 5 - March 31, 2010

MAYA HAYUK: "Feeling Space"

Hayuk’s work overflows with a uniquely cultivated handmade aesthetic . Part punk, part psychedelic explosion, her paintings, prints and murals display unbridled enthusiasm. Her monograph “Just Good Vibes” describes the work “Multicolored diamonds morph into rainbows on public walls, day glow birds and flowers sprout extra appendages appearing both beautiful and menacing, and everything eschews logic while making perfect aesthetic sense. Hayuk’s bold images of colorful beauty are at once visceral, ethereal, humorous and political.”

LOWELL DARLING: "Full Disclosure"

This exhibition entitled “Full Disclosure” will contain all of Darling’s personal possessions in the United States. Boxes of personal items, artwork, and ephemera were removed from storage and brought to Gallery 16. Everything he owns. Some material, artwork and rare items will be present on the walls, others will remain in boxes. Included in the show are items ranging from his first drawing as a child to documents from Darlings original bid for Governor, mail art collaborations with Ray Johnson, and IRS documents proving Darling is NOT an artist.

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