Friday, January 29, 2010

Everything Will Probably Work Out Ok

Artist: Anthony Discenza
Gallery: Catherine Clark Gallery
Exhibition Dates: January 7 - February 13th, 2010
Artist Talk: Saturday February 6th at 2:00PM

There are two reasons which aren't present here for why you will want to see this exhibit in person.

1. To read the text running from ceiling to floor that is a run of several phrases like this:

"The Wu-Tang Clan meets Conan the Barbarian meets Fraggle Rock meets Walter Benjamin meets America's Next Top Model"

2. To watch the projected video in the larger back room (not the video room which is playing audio) titled, "Charlton Heston: The Future Has Already Been Written." For this video he has taken three films and put them together in sequence. I'll try to explain this with the little film background I have.

Imagine watching the first 2 seconds of one film then the first 2 seconds of the next film and the first 2 seconds of the next film, then the second 2 seconds of the first, the second 2 seconds of the second and second 2 seconds of the third and so on. It is almost like a flip book of film scenes from three films overlaid on each other. They come out as if they are being thrown at your eyes. Go see it, you'll wish there was a bench or something to sit on so you can watch it longer than your legs are willing to stand.

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