Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gerhard Mayer

Artist: Gerhard Mayer
Gallery: Hosfelt Gallery (NY)

Rules for the drawings:
From his artist page on the gallery's website.

1. Each drawing must be made with only one size of ellipse.
2. The ellipses must always be positioned horizontally.
3. The ellipses cannot cross the edge of the paper.
4. Complete ellipses are not permitted.
5. In each position of the ellipse stencil at least three lines must be drawn.
6. None of the lines may touch another.
7. Dots are not permitted, only lines.

Additionally, for the small drawings:

8. Every sheet of paper measures 34.3 x 43.4 cm.

Additionally, for the color drawings:

9. Seven colors or more must be used for each drawing.

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