Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Gallery: David Cunningham Projects

JIGSAWMENTALLAMA a group exhibition and weekly film and video screening series. A full schedule for the weekly screenings will be posted on the DCP website.

Nosebleeds. Confessions. Glitter. Melodrama. Reversals. Puzzles. Opera. Science. Heartbreak. Lemons. Role-play. Dream Tunnels. Monkeys. Denouements. Wigs. Turntables. Effusions. Kaleidoscopes. Pirates. Feathers. Gloves. Entheogens. Cameos. Body Doubles. Magic. Horror. Intrigue. Inaugurations. Catharsis. Glamour. Wastrels. Soap. Stilettos. Sublimations. Invocations. Vikings. Cheese. Conversations. Channeling. Comedy. Fireworks. Projections. Pink Noise. Hexagons. Stalkers. Seizures. Tele-novellas. Strain. Smiles. Drag. Monsters. Sadness. Madness. Poetry. Music. Disaster. Masks. Flour. Milk. Caulk. Plaster. Deconstructions. Reconstructions. Abductions. Feints. Nostalgia. Manipulations. Data-bending. Tragedy. Mirror-balls. Joan Collins. Buffalo Bill. Powder Puffs. Demons. Pleasure. Puce Moments. Flesh. Aliens. Alien Flesh. Flashbulbs. Dry Ice. Joy…….
Virgin Prunes.

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