Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday at Home

I wanted to spend the day sewing but my machine, the beautiful old thing is not functioning. While my living quarters are finally fit for creating, reinventing, for new beauty, it is now a day of drawing and reading. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday, the 25th of May. I almost forgot her birthday, since she left it off of the family calendar, she created for us all. After skypping with her and my father about a solution for my sewing machine, I now sit here in my entry room, the most grounding space in my life. It was not easy to come by. It's been an evolution of friendships, energy and love. With those basic ingredients it goes beyond any other living space I've had. Peaceful in the waking morning and soothing in the sleepy dark of night. My new housemate has a huge presence in my home's new found softness. She's like the third skeleton key we've been waiting for. It is now a time of embracing embracing embracing love. Crushing the harshness and exacerbation I once trusted so intently. Letting go of a tight grasp on everything. Now when I see that tight grasp peeking out I have to let it pass. Vanish you tight grasp. pphhhhhhhh! I extend a formal invitation to simplicity, whim, and the soft nature of love. When I view my life through love it is a peaceful jaunt on a sail boat. When I think of people through love, all else disappears. Love is not white out, a glue stick, or an extra coat of paint. No, no, love is none of those things. Love is blissful and bouyant. It transforms the ugly, leaving no trace of its past existence. As love has re-entered and made its presence known in my life again, I find myself unable to keep from gushing about it. I am delighted for this new era of being. I will no longer live as doing but as being. I'll create, love & be.

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