Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Clayton Brothers

two brother s

"When we collaborate, we do so with the utmost respect for our friendship. We would never have come as far as we have if we weren't best friends. As brothers, we share our lives, and this is important to who we are as collaborators. Neither of us claims to know the way.

At times, one of us looks for the other's vision and lets him lead. Other times, one of us creates a vision and invites the other along. As brothers, we have an innate understanding of how we think and create individually. As collaborators, we find ourselves resorting to pure instinct and trust, giving and taking visual elements like two authors of the same book, each writing every other word.

Responding to each other's marks on a painting and redirecting a story intrigues us. We check our egos, and the outcome of each painting remains a mystery until the end. Each of us spends time at the canvas, drawing energy from what the other has painted before, and we begin to speak the same language.

Although our hands and minds are always intertwined in the same creation, we encourage each other to think independently. As little kids, we shared a lot of the same interests. When one of us found something interesting, the other would add his two cents. This philosophy has carried forward into what we do today. We expand on and explore the messages left for each other, and the painting seem to finish themselves during the course of our non-verbal dialogues. "
The Clayton Brothers
Rob & Christian

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