Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Travel Thoughts

I've returned to San Francisco after a month of art travel. Walking down Valencia Street still felt like I was traveling, since I'd been away close to the amount of time I've lived in this apartment.

SCOPE NY 09 took me to New York City for a week and half. Got to experience a blizzard one day and sundress temperatures the next. Although I could've worn a sundress inside everyday with they way they pump the heat in that city. I thought I was going to need to get a full body spa treatment to rehydrate my skin.

SXSW took me to Autin, TX for a continual party of music and art. The warmer the weather (i.e. Miami) the longer the party lasts. 4AM isn't my ideal bedtime but sleeping wasn't a prerogative.

Right now I have my sites on Miami for Basel hopefully there will be plenty of escapades before then.

Painting by Mike Davis

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