Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Casey at Swarm Gallery

John Casey took his afternoon Monday afternoon to let me into Swarm, during non-gallery hours to see his current show, "Distant Cousins." I've been following John's work consistently for about two years and was excited to see the larger scale work he created for this exhibit. The tall walls in Swarm gave him a chance to work on a greater scale, giving a the viewer a more overwhelming experience.

Everything John draws, paints and sculpts, he says, is a self portrait. I'm not sure many artists would be so forthcoming with such insight. Given that understanding of his work, I enjoyed looking through each piece in the exhibit, watch the characters as they morph into a variety of forms.

John's been part of several group shows in the past year at galleries such as Black Maria Gallery, Neurotitan Gallery, Lobot Gallery and Musee d'Art Contemporain. While I could see his aesthetic be used in illustrative ways, he tends to keep it in the gallery not on the page.

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