Friday, April 03, 2009

Ever Gold and Sub Mission Gallery

I made it to Ever Gold's opening reception last night. Seems there's some trend occurring where to name your gallery after the former business in its space is a way to flip the "I have no money to buy a new awning" into "I'm too hip to buy a new awning."

My favorite part of their space is the teeny back room where I found the piece above. Unfortunately my phone camera doesn't pick up well on detail. But the exhibit was cool to stumble upon in the TL.

To complete my night of trendy grunge art exhibits I made it over to Sub Mission. It was a cathartic experience for these reasons:

Crowd was young
Work was amateur and honest
Many allusions to technology now dilapidated
Was in a raw space, obliterating the monetary hierarchy of commercial spaces

My conclusion of the night

I want to see an exhibit in a space like those last night with sick art. One where there is thought put in by a curator, where the artists command an audience, and where the emotional response doesn't take me back into depressive memories but rather takes me out of myself and makes the present and future sweet.

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