Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jeremy Fish at Fecal Face Tonight

Artist: Jeremy Fish
Title: The Ambush
Gallery: Fecal Face
Opening Reception: Thursday, February, 26, 2009 from 6-9 p.m.
Address: 66 Gough St.
After party: The Uptown, 200 Capp St (10-2am)

"There once was a gladiator, who once was a hero and became a real tyrant; drunk on greed and power," Says Fish, "His path of destruction became so vast that eventually his prey began to organize an uprising. It is this sense of strength in numbers to avenge an evil dictator that becomes the central theme of the show." Using a system of cut and painted wood panels integrated with, and extending from the mural, The Ambush serves a visual reminder of the consequences of unconditional power, and the strength that all us "little people" have to organize a beatdown of grand proportions. The moral lesson being that as power and ego begin to run your life, never forget the little people who got you to where you are. If you do, they just may get organized, plan an ambush, and hand you your ass.

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