Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Nights Mish Mash

Lauren and I went to hear Ron English speak on the Andy Warhol panel at Minna. I was surprised he was the only person on the panel who actually knew Andy. When Ron wasn't speaking I kinda felt like I was back in college listening to a professor. When walking out I caught this poster of our former president.

We then made our way to David Cunningham Projects for a conceptual exhibit that one would expect to find in NYC.

Apart from the video, painting, and sound pieces, the large tanks in the middle room were most captivating. Elevated on pillars about 6 ft and 6 1/2 feet tall, containing model mountain ranges submerged in water, they blur the lines between science experiment and art piece. After the artist filled the tanks with water, she poured a substance in that settled at the bottom and will slowly rise to the top with visible horizontal layers.

We then moved onto Root Division to see what Kevin's been working on and check out the exhibit Whitney Lynn curated. Here's a bit about it from Whitney.

"An exhibition of 30 artists exploring notions of vacated information. Highlighting the content of absence, these artists work with themes of censorship, value, memory and loss. Using techniques of erasure, displacement, cancellation and extraction, the act of taking out information often gives new meaning to what is left. Simplifying or abandoning material can highlight essential content, provide codification, or stand as a subversive gesture."

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