Friday, November 28, 2008

Michelle Pred: Sculpture

13 hours more till super shuttle arrives = packing begins now.
Gate security shouldn't be too time consuming, for a 6am flight. But you never know with the holidays and overprotective measures they put people through. I'm wondering if the security color denoting the height of caution will be closer to red, since the attacks in India.

With all this in mind, a video of Michele Pred, at SCOPE New York in 2006 caught my attention. She's been granted access to the numerous items the airport collects from travelers as they make their way through security to the flight gate. She lives in Berkeley, CA and only works with collected materials from SFO. It took her 5 months to convince SFO to give her the material for sculpture. Otherwise, they would be melting them down for the landfill or putting them up on ebay auctions.

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