Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Trip To Mountain View

The St[art]er Home exhibit was the beginning of a much awaited project by the guys of Sezio. The neighbors were just as into it as everyone else. At the Mountain View house, an older neighbor passing through made the comment, "I am used to Van Gough but this, this comes from the young artists. I understand it. They are trying to express themselves and put out new ideas."

More artists are realizing the strong affect their art has on people, when it can be found not only in galleries but in unusual locations. Seeing art in unexpected places expands the way people understand it and can make it seem more approachable. It's great to see people opening up to the idea of visiting to galleries after understanding that the artists are real people who share their same perspectives.

I'm looking forward to the next St[art]er Home. Thanks Sezio.

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