Monday, October 06, 2008

Richard T. Walker at David Cunningham

I went to see Richard's opening at David Cunningham Projects and realized I'd seen his work on a smaller scale at Iceberger Gallery earlier this summer. It was an interesting to compare experiences from the two exhibits mainly due to the environment of the gallery.

At DCP, I enjoyed watching Richard's triptych projection piece, where the videos are engaging with each other. Then In the back room, he has several flat screens set up with head phones to watch man in nature.

Tim Keogh, opens an essay on Richard with a quote from Henry Moore saying, his sculpture "must be set so that it relates to the sky rather than to trees, a house, people, or other aspects of its surroundings. Only the sky, miles away, allows us to contract inifinity with reality, and se we are able to discover the sculptor's inner scale without comparison." He goes on to explain how Richard's work bears the same affect and discovery.

These video's continue have a very calming affect on me and enable me to be apart from the business in the city, while I watch them. Richard, himself, is a unique individual who is currently an affiliate artist at the Headlands and completing a fellowship at Kala in the east bay.

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