Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where we live.

I've lived in a variety of homes. My first place in California was a cabin in the woods, not built to code, essentially illegal. I loved it there. Everything was constructed out of recycled wood, steel, nails, you name it we gave it a second life.

There were incredible views of Sonoma County's rolling hills and roads leading to Calistoga. A calming silence at all times made me look forward to going home. With its distance from civilization, I made a conscious choice to go home, because I wasn't going out after that. That's the homiest I've felt in a while.

Living in the city, I've learned to be creative with my resources in a new way. There are more people needing the same things I need and often with the same taste, so the good stuff goes faster.

Regardless or where I am, I continue to think about what a home is and how it affects me & my guests. It's probably part of my mother in me to think about these things. Growing up we always had people over from our church for dinner, get togethers with the neighbors, and dinner parties with groups of college students. Our family was rarely left to sitting around and staring at each other or worse watching endless television.

Looking through the Ping Pong Gallery's site since the upcoming exhibit looks simply rad, I came across Jeff Eisenberg. All images above are his and more can be seen here.

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