Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jenna Gribbon

Introducing Jenna.

Jenna Gribbon was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee. She lived very near to mountains and rivers and streams in a suburb named after a very famous admiral, and at the age of five she won a blue ribbon in the county fair for a painting of her family.

At eighteen she moved to Athens Georgia where she went to college and lived happily for five years. However because Athens Georgia is a much better place for music than painting, after completing her studies, Jenna spent a year and half making experimental films.

These films, particularly the short silent ones in Super 8, were continually making her think of paintings she wanted to make, so she moved to New York City during a blizzard in February 2003 to find other painters and an audience.

It was here that she began making these paintings which concern her displacement from these aforementioned places, and the placing of fragments of personal experience into new frames of reference.

I found Jenna's work throughPrisca C. Juscka Fina Art. I love it. It's motivating to see that she is producing what she talks about in her bio.

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