Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeff Eisenberg's Ideal Day

I featured pictures by Jeff Eisenberg last week on the site and wanted to know a little more about him. Here's his ideal day.

My ideal day starts with a coffee at home with Jennifer. We use a stove top espresso maker, which turns the coffee making experience into a kind of daily ritual. Plus, it's really tasty.

After that, a walk with Jennifer through the city-usually through the pan handle, into the park and ending at the beach. But some days it's wondering through different neighbor hoods.

Later in the day either we make it over to the museums, check out a show, or alternatively we hit the studio. There I work on my stuff and Jennifer works on her projects (we share a studio at Infill Studios on 3rd street).

Later in the evening we hook up with friends for dinner and drinks at Home on market.

Somewhere in there we have a playful encounter with an animal (dog, cat , bird).

I know that this sounds really homebody and boring-but it's the little domestic things that make me the happiest.

Thanks Jeff!

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