Monday, July 14, 2008

Interview with Hilary Pecis

I've been admiring Hilary's work for a while and finally got to have an email chat with her about what's going on inside her head. She's been in the bay area for a decent amount of time and received her undergrad and graduate degrees from CCA. Lately, her work has been in group auction and benefit shows at places like Mollusk Surf Shop and Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Her work will take you to another world.

I've been seeing a lot of collage work lately and really am fascinated with the unique approaches artists are taking. What prompted you to work in collage?

I like using materials, in a way in which they were not originally intended. Collage allows me to reassemble existing information into surrogate images. I attempt to confuse shards from magazine advertisements in an organized manner, however lacking the original signifier designated to evoke the intended response.
Also, some of my favorite artists a few years back were based in collage like Fred Tomaselli, David Thorpe, and Chris Ofili.

What is your approach to using color in your work?

I typically like bright and shiny. Thinking about the way advertisements have a totally unreal approach to lighting, color, and sentiment; I imagine that the future (in cyberspace) looks like this as well.

You are part of the Thin Ice Collective. For how long? What is the idea behind the collective?

Tracy Timmins, Serena Cole, and I were doing our undergraduate work together at CCA. As our graduation approached, Tracy wanted to put together a group that could bounce ideas, collectively propose exhibitions, and act as a stronger entity than just one artist. Together we could form like voltron and take over the world... not really.

We've been together a little over two years and have had the opportunity to exhibit both domestically and internationally. Tracy handpicked individuals who she felt were reliable and strong in their individual practices. She’s a great organizer and quite a painter as well.

What unique or random events in your life have brought you where you are today?

Hmmm... well, as far as drawing goes, there was a TV show on PBS in the mid eighties called The Secret City Adventures with Commander Mark. He wore a space suit and bullet holder with crayons in it and taught kids to draw 3D space ships, cars and robots. It was pretty influential, giving me a leg up on drawing when I was young.

The rest of my life's events are probably pretty normal. I feel lucky to have very few obligations, which allows me to devote all of my time to drawing and painting.

Given any artist (of any medium) who would you like to collaborate with right now?

Recently my boyfriend, Andrew Schoultz, and I collaborated on a few paintings. That was a blast to make. Although the content of our work differs greatly, our mark making complements each other's and the pieces were really awesome.

Also, I’ll be collaborating with Tara Lisa Foley and Andrew Schoultz on a mural for Noise Pop this fall. They are both really amazing folk and I look forward the project. Actually, the bay area is full of rad artists who I would love to collaborate with, if time would ever permit it.

Where do you buy groceries in San Francisco or the general bay area?

I am a terrible cook, and therefore eat most meals out. I shop here and there, try to eat organic, but don't have a preferred store. Oh, but I must add, I do love burgers!!! and would like to give a shout out to the Slow Club in SF for their amazing burgers, which in my opinion are the best in the bay.

Hilary's website here!
View more of Hilary's work on Sketchypad's flickr photostream.

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