Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Tree Gallery Group Exhibit

curated by sarah lehrer-graiwer

eduardo consuegra
heather cook
eli langer
sidonie loiseleux

Exhibition Dates: June 14th - July 12th, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 14th 6pm - 9pm

From the exhibit's "suggested guidelines for recognizing signs of artistic agency in our contemporary culture of high performance:"

2) Claim and occupy time according to your own terms. Open it up. Question regimented notions of time that perpetuate social expectations of increased speed, productivity, efficiency, consumption, and cyclical obsolescence. The ineffable, often invisible and intangible, process of conceiving and making art alone in the studio can be a way to reconfigure one’s experience of time. Re-commit to abstraction that testifies to an interrogated logic of decision-making. Maximize time given to looking and thinking, minimize gratuitous spectacle and budgets. Art promises continual questioning, mutability, and delayed fulfillment.

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