Saturday, May 24, 2008

Video of Suzanne Husky's Exhibit at Triple Base

I'm trying something new with how I document exhibits. You may have seen these little gadgets already and be using one yourself, the Flip video recorder. It could be compared to a camera phone in its accessibility and convenience. It's perfect for me, being someone who doesn't care for distracting cameras and other equipment at busy opening receptions.

But, I don't have much prior experience with video and am realizing that, as I begin to work with it more. Regardless, I like it and want to incorporate video to this blog more. So, bear with me. I thought this mini virtual tour of Suzanne Husky's exhibit, "You Make Me You" at Triple Base, was a good starting point for content and more on the rough side for my technique. If anything, this will hopefully compel you to get over to the exhibit yourself and see it in person for all its greatness!

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