Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Opening Photos

This weekend took me to Oakland several times. Since most folks left for Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted some kind of adventure within the city. It was great to be meet Pete and Narangkar of Rowan Morrison and catch up with some other artists I haven't seen in while. The art scene isn't much different over there but can be more laid back, which I like.

Some thoughts about what I saw.

Suzanne Husky at Triple Base- So fun. It was as if you entered the ultimate doll diorama, reminiscent of Barbies and dollhouses. Well crafted and intricately constructed, taking you through different cultures and current events.

Whitney Lynn at Lobot - The story goes that a army general would go up to the opposing side's fort carrying a butterfly net and paper. Claiming he was sketching butterflies, he would instead take down the floor plan of the fort. Whitney uses this concept and gives us butterflies with secret floor plans lazor cut into their centers. Genius right? Definitely goes with the "Decoy" theme for the exhibit. Her butterflies are enhanced but the shadows they cast in the boxes. There is an interesting contrast with the geometric diagram and organic insect's shape. Also think- a sheep in wolves clothing.

Adam5100 at Rowan Morrison- Adam abstracts his stencil pieces by adding actual lamps to outside of the composition. Creating more of an installation piece than just 2D wall paintings. He set a more contemplative mood in this exhibit than at Stussy two months back.

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