Friday, May 09, 2008

A Little Family Exposure

After boycotting my own graduation ceremony, I supported my brother by sitting through his. Most schools pay an interesting/intelligent/comedic person to speak before the graduates, to give them encouragement and a last bit of enlightenment. James Madison University chose a graduation speaker who donated a large sum of money earlier in the year. So, not only did the school not have to put up the cash for a speaker; the speaker paid them. This speaker ended up putting everyone to sleep and closed by conducting a meditation session. "Imagine the drops of water going down your throat as your drink from your glass...think of how we can help those in other countries without clean water...this water is a metaphor for our connectedness with those around us...let's hold hands and take this time...."

Fortunately, my sister, who is experimenting with camera lenses and her photographic eye, took advantage in this lull in stimulation, to shoot some photos. Above is my favorite... not too risky but has a minimalistic elegance.

You can find a growing collection of her photographs on Flickr.

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Effie said...

love you sister
miss you already
you have so many amazing talents