Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whimsy photography by BAPC at Rayko Photo

Who: Bay Area Photography Collective
Gallery: Rayko Photo Center
Dates: March 20 - April 20, 2008
Opening Reception: March 20, 6-8pm

Photos below are by Kirk Thompson.

"This exhibition explores the idea of whimsy. Humor is often overlooked as an element in fine art photography. This show addresses the lighter side directly and includes work that is witty, playful or ironic."link

Rayko has some fun toys to play with as well. I haven't seen an "ART*O*MAT Vending Machine" anywhere else. And am excited to get some shots in the B&W photo booth!

Right now I need to check out more photography, to build a stronger sense of what I appreciate and what I can do without. So, to Rayko I go!

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