Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Midnight Carnival

Artist: Chris Raeker
Gallery: Jenkins Johnson Gallery
Address: 464 Sutter St

I want to dream about places like this and be the girl emerging from the tank.

The overwhelming presence of the sky, makes me feel like the world inside the photo is contained and controlled space.

Seeing the children, I take on a child-like interpretation on what is happening and everything seems to slow down inside the photo.

Lately, I've seen much juxtaposing of machines and nature. Here it's machines and childhood. Interesting....

When I first saw these photos, I wanted to evaporate into his play world of the carnival. Usually, carnivals remind me of dirtiness and chaos. I'm sure those things are still present, but I would be willing to ignore them for the pleasure of emerging from that tank or spinning through the sky on a swing.

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