Tuesday, March 11, 2008

David Yun

Artist: David Yun
Gallery: Micaëla Gallery
Dates: March 7, 2008 - April 6, 2008
Address: 333 Hayes Street, between Franklin and Gough

Be prepared to be mesmerized by David's film and video clips. Click on the titles to link to the actual clip.

Big Bang

He is from a town 5min from Detroit, which he talks about in another clip. The basis of his work comes from his "belief that many of the ills plaguing our society can be attributed to the lack of meaningful communication occurring between people," which he alludes to existing in Detroit.


Summer Swim

At the end of his artist statement he says, "the works presented here are wildly different in form and content, but at their core, I believe they present a complex, nuanced, yet unified voice—one which challenges the viewer to rethink an aspect of their belief system and compels them to talk about this experience with someone else."



I became attracted to his thought process when I read that he is "not interested in creating didactic art that tries to describe the world “as it is” or upholds a singular worldview. Instead, [his] practice strives to raise questions, illuminate contradictions, and to provide possibilities for change."

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